Blogging Basics

Jazmyn Rusnack | May 5th 2020

For your Small Business Website one of the most powerful tools you can utilize for SEO (search engine optimization) is to have a blog. Notably, one that is updated frequently with useful information. Not only is this great for your SEO, but having a quality blog is also a great way to stay in contact with existing clients/customers. As well as finding new customers, you are also proving yourself to be a leader in your field.

Where Do I Start?

Here are a few tips for existing/new bloggers:

  1. Consistency – in order for your Blog to generate more traffic to your website, you need to have a posting schedule. This means committing to posting at least once a month in order for search engines to reliably count on new content. This also shows your customers that your site is being updated regularly. If you don’t plan on keeping a regular schedule then you need not have a blog at all! Failing to stay current can make your site look dated and unaccounted for.
  2. Use Keywords – you don’t want to make it sound forced when writing your blogs; however, utilizing the Keyword Statements you would like to be found with via search engines in your articles is a great method for building up your SEO.
  3. Pictures – always include some degree of imagery in your blog post. Having a graphic that goes along with your topic is a great way to keep people engaged. ALT & TITLE tags can also be applied to these images to aid in your SEO.
  4. Keep It Short – at the end of the day, people are busy. Don’t bog your clients down with excessive amounts of writing, thinking that you will look more professional in the process. Keep it short and sweet, and make sure they are able to engage properly (ie. a contact form or comments section).

Best of luck!

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