Hiring Your Developer

Jazmyn Rusnack | Jan 10th 2020

Are you thinking about building your new website on your own? Or, are you interested in hiring a Designer/Developer? Building a new site takes considerable time, and as a business owner you likely have other things to focus on! For your Small Business Web Design it’s important to know who/what to look for when hiring for your project.

If You’re Hiring…

If this is the case, here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re well prepared to start looking for quotes:

  1. Organize Marketing Material – organize items such as your logo (in both print and digital format), business cards, pamphlets, handouts, etc. Place these items into a single file/folder, and be able to provide to potential hires. This will help streamline your project, and aid your developers in garnering a general idea for your branding.
  2. Find Example Websites – compile a list of websites specific to your industry that you can show your new website developer. This will help them/you with constructing an overall vision. Developers aren’t mind readers; however, a good developer will ALWAYS provide input about items such as UX, Design, Flow and Responsiveness of a new website. Be open to suggestion, but be sure to hold firm on what elements you know you want on your website.
  3. Compile a Sitemap – most of the time a realistic quote will bring into account the example websites (detailed above), as well as a formal list of each page you want on your new website. At this point, you can also start to compile images and begin a rough draft of your content.
  4. Ask for Quotes/Timeline – each development company will be different. At the same time, each should be able to provide you a quote and a timeline so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.
  5. Inquire About Additional/On-going Expenses – updates, hosting, domain registration and maintenance are all part of Web Development. Make sure you clarify the expected costs for each of these items so you can be sure to budget appropriately.
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