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Joshua Neufeld | Apr 13th 2020

“I have this great new Web Design, but why am I not showing up on my search engines!?!”

Pretty popular question, and under my development years it’s one I hear all too often. The problem isn’t necessarily what you’re doing wrong, it could be what you’re not doing! Some of my industry friends might want me to take this article down for giving away secrets; however, my ultimate goal is to make the internet a better, more usable, and attractive environment. Also, I am a huge supporter of Small Businesses and I want to make sure the small mom n’ pop stores are able to compete with the giants next door.

So, What Can I Do?

Here are a few things you can do, in the next hour, to help launch your website up the ranks of your chosen search engine:

  1. Submit a Sitemap – construct (or use a tool/plugin) to build a sitemap.xml of your website. Submit it using Google Webmasters to ensure that all your pages are being indexed.
  2. Title Tags – by taking a little time to visit each page on your site you can adjust the title tags of each page so that they all start with (or atleast contain) your chosen keywords. You are more likely to be picked up by search engines when these tags are correct.
  3. Post! – search engines like recent content … So! Write an article, make a post, add a page, something! And let your search engines know that your site is still being actively updated. My suggestion is a minimum of once a week.
  4. Broken Links – take 5 minutes and run through your site. Look for any links that don’t work, or take you to the wrong page (ie. a 404 error page, or other bad pages). After you’ve compiled your list, use a redirection plugin to point the links where they should be going. Either that, or have your developer change them (or delete them off your site completely).
  5. NO MORE TRICKS – you may have heard someone say “Oh! I’ve got this great little trick for SEO…” … you know what? Forget that person! Search engines don’t like “tricks” – they like fresh content, a site without broken links, and a good saturation of keywords on each page. PERIOD. And, if you are using these little tricks, chances are your site is actually being penalized and you are losing rank because of it!
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