Why WordPress?

Joshua Neufeld | May 13th 2020

For your Web Design, it’s important to know the CMS your website is built with. Truthfully, the possibilities are endless. For most sites on the web, especially as it pertains to small business, you can find infinite ways to reach the same outcome. Rather, the intended design/layout. So what makes WordPress better? And why does J&J Media Group dedicate themselves as a company to only this CMS? Great questions! Here are a few bullet points to consider:

WordPress Websites
  • PHP – using .php files (as found on WP) allows for optimal templates for all the pages on your website. That means when paired with a MySQL database, your website is able to house all your pages without overloading your server.
  • CMS – having a back end that you can access from a browser makes it easy to update your website. This also saves you from having to fiddle around with FTP and source files.
  • Blog Capacity – WP originally intended itself to purely be a blogging platform. However, now it has the ability to build full websites with all kinds of functions. Note: The blogging ability is still present and very easy to use. It also helps you generate SEO for your company.
  • Security Features – as a widely used platform, the security features on WordPress are constantly updated to keep your website safe on the internet. This is important for all types of businesses. Whether you’re running a small shop, or a massive database of content and ecommerce items, website security is essential!
  • Responsiveness – due to Google’s new protocol on the response of websites, every WordPress theme is now built with the code already installed. This is great for you because it guarantees your website to look good on all devices.
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With more than 75 million Web Developments for Small Business online built with WordPress, it’s no wonder why developers and business owners are moving towards this open-source software. At the end of the day, without an online presence, you are getting left behind by your competitors. Here are some startling WordPress statistics that just might help you when selecting what platform to develop your next (or first!) website on:

  1. Multiple Translations – WordPress currently offers 40+ different language translations for your website.
  2. High Domain Registration – Currently in North America, more than 22% of registered domains are utilizing WordPress as their software.
  3. Number of Plugins – WordPress.com offers an array of additional plugins for varied functionality of your website. The number is currently set somewhere around 29k, and is growing everyday!
  4. Constantly Evolving – If you’ve worked with WordPress for any length of time then you are aware of the constant updates. These are necessary to add functionality, increase spam protection, and to make your website perform better! Currently the WordPress software is just under 98 versions long.
  5. People Want It – There are 37+ million search entries for “WordPress” every month! It is quickly taking over the internet – don’t you think it’s time you got on board?
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